How can we get our daughter to re-connect with us, after she left home

Cutegal - posted on 02/04/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




This is an extremely sorrowful phase of our life. Our daughter, a beautiful, kind, loving, soul, inside-out, left home abruptly to be with her BF who is an extremely manipulative and ruthless guy, who has no respect for elders or any parents, including his own. She is completely under influence as this guy got to her even before she was 16, through texting an phone and told her to keep it a secret until she was 18, when she could legally move out. We tried getting help from police, and other sources as it is a case of sexual grooming, bullying and hostage, but my daughter blind in love, does not realize the reality! I wonder what we a parents can do to save our daughter from this guy. We love her unconditionally and want her to grow up into an independent, well educated, financially self-reliant woman. She dropped out of University and sacrificed her career goals to be with this guy who has brain-washed her! She being 18, we are helpless and cannot force her to connect with us. the boy is a control-freek and we are worried our daughter is not safe and will not be happy in this relationship. All we are doing is just praying to make her strong and realize her mistake. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? Thank you

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