How can You Handle poeple liveing in the same house hold!

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Will im 22 My son is Amost four now!
My son is such an angel and so sweet!
But now that he dont play with childern that much!
He been hanging out with the older kids!
and he Learned alot of bad habbits off of them,
He asloe useing Bad words and i tryed talking to him about how they make others feel and how it bad but im geting no where! i live with my family and they dont even try to watch what they say or what there doing in front of him, i have tryed so hard to be nice to them but im not geting no where with that too! can someone plasse give me some pointers! thanks


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That what i though! I tryed looking for cheap apartments but there is none! and where i live there no jobs!

Michelle - posted on 06/29/2012




Unfortuately you can't make others change if they don't want to. You would probably be best moving out on your own, that way you can control who is around your son and what he sees/hears.

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