How did I miscarry if my body held on so confused please help

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Im 12 weeks today and at 9 weeks I went in yo the ER because of cramping they sent me home the nurse said well ur baby's still there we don't know why u have pain but follow up with your doctor . 4 days later I had my appt. and she says so it looks like u were off on ur dates the ultra sound from the ER says ur 6 weeks I said no ghat can't be then she checked my hormone level and it was at 25000 she said that was to high for 6 w she did another ultra sound and showed be it was measuring at 6 w . Confused and scared I was scheduled to see another doctor 2 days later and another hcg test levels went to 39000 but ultra sound showed no growth but I could see a fetal pole now but no heart beat they couldn't explain it they said it was not hopefully and something was abnormal . They said wait a week and come back . So I come back he asked if there was change I said no so he scheduled another ultra sound for the following day I beg the ultra sound tech to just tell me if it was bigger then 6 weeks she hesitated said only the doc could tell me but saw the pain in my eyes and showed me the screen no its no change so the next day 11 1/2 weeks I go to my doc and he suggest it's small enough to pass and put 3 pills inside me later that day I felt the worst cramps and quilt like I was ending my pregnancy that was a Friday it wed now and I'm still bleeding how could by body hold on to a pregnancy that ended at 6 weeks and me be almost 12 does anyone have a similar story


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My first pregnancy was very similar.

I started bleeding when I was 11 weeks so went to see my doctor. She sent me for an ultrasound the next day and I had 3 different people quizzing me about my dates. It turned out that my baby had died at around 7 weeks but my body had tried to keep it going. I was given the option of leaving things to happen naturally or getting a D&C. Since my body had taken 4 weeks to start bleeding I opted for the D&C.

It was the hardest thing to go through because I still felt pregnant for that 4 weeks and was even still gaining weight.

I have gone on to have 3 children, no other miscarriages. With each pregnancy I was so worried for the first 12 weeks though.

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