How did you decide you wanted a 3rd child? Besides just that 'feeling' you get and you know its right? What else made you want a 3rd child in your family? What makes it better than just having 2?


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Amanda - posted on 08/03/2011




I couldn't agree more with what your saying about God telling you it was time.. I had those feelings with my 2nd son.. It was the time everyone feared the swine flu ... and i was not comfortable with getting the vaccine.. I trusted in him and I was preg. in no time.. and he kept me and the baby healthy the whole time. I thought I felt complete with my 2 boys. But now I'm starting to wonder.. he will let me know.. Im sure! I think the only thing that worries me if financially .. the prices of food and everything always going up.. our youngest son eats everything you put in from of him.. I can't imagine what our grocery bill would be if we had a 3rd! lol

Linda - posted on 08/03/2011




I clearly felt God telling me that there was someone missing in my family who hadn't been born yet. Thus, even though my second son had been a handful, we went ahead with the third...and eventually a fourth. I will say this about having more than 2: it definitely gets easier. You know what you're doing (sort of), it's not as big an adjustment for the family. I enjoyed the journey so much more. Also, the kids have more "friends" to play with right in the family!

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