how do get him to stop drinking milk and night and sleep!?

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here's my dilemma:
my son is 16 months, he does not sleep through the night, he wakes up crying for milk at least 2-3 times a night. i work shifts, early morning shifts, i have to get some sleep so obviously i cave in and give him milk.
so how do i get him to sleep all night and not want milk? any suggestions?


Shereen Mohsen - posted on 12/22/2012




i have twins (boys) it is realy hard to deal at night with both of them now i am trying to stop giving them milk at night. but it is a disaster of crying they dnt want to deal with water. i leave them crying all night till they fall asleep. i realy need to know if this way is right or i have to deal in a different way?

Mikayla - posted on 01/29/2010




i am having the same problem, we are just to tired to be doing the controlled crying, my son is 7 months but i dont want to leave it to late before getting him to sleep thru. he already has a big dinner, pudding and finger snack and then a bed time bottle but still wakes sometimes twice for a feed. he stopped taking to the dummy a few months ago, when he was ill, but i didnt want to try this again as id then have the problem of weaning him off the dummy, im glad he stopped taking it on his own, he does how ever suck a comfoter blanky, but when i try getting him to sleep with out feeding, he difts off and then wakes straight back up again, and in the end we give up and give him milk, i know we shouldnt, but we do need some sleep! i have thought about cutting down the feeds each night so in time hopefully he wont really want any. but health visitor said that it prob wont work, but has anyone tried it this way and did it work?

Jamay - posted on 01/26/2010




My daughter is 8 months old and has been sleeping through the night since she was 5 months old. I simply feed her a huge dinner. If she happens to wake up during the night, I pat her back and give her a pacifier. She will fall back asleep within minutes. I used to give in to her crying and give her a bottle, but you'll never get any sleep that way. Stop feeding him in the middle of the night and eventually he will get used to not having the late night bottle. It will be brutal for you in the begining but I bet in about a week, he will be sleeping through the night. This was recommended to me by my pediatrician and it works.... Good luck and sweet dreams.

Lisa - posted on 01/29/2010




At 7 months they need a way to comfort themselves. Self soothing is much more important than weening off a a pacifier or thumb sucking. The waking up at night is more about being able to self sooth themselves back to sleep than being hungry (although they do have growth spurts when they eat more but that only last a few days)

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Try to take a three day weekend to really work at this. Come up with a plan ahead of time and try to tell him for several days that pretty soon there will be no more milk at ni-night, but he can have water at ni-night.

He's a toddler now, so I think sticking to your guns is your best bet.

That first night of your three day weekend, give him water at bedtime. If he cries in his crib, try to soothe him by stroking his face and reassuring him softly for just a few moments (without picking him up), then leave the room. 3 minutes later (or, if his crying is really bad) go back in his room and do the same reassuring thing to calm him down. Repeat until he is asleep. Continue this throughout the night as he wakes up and asks for milk. Just give him water and reassure him and calm him down and leave the room over and over until he falls back asleep. But, don't stay in his room until he's asleep because that will be creating another mom-gets-no-sleep habit.

This "procedure" is called Controlled Crying (not cry it out) and it useful for toddlers who sleep like infants. We had to do this with both my boys when they were 18 months. My first boy had to be rocked to sleep (it would take over an hour), and my second boy was a nighttime boob-snacker (in our bed).

I absolutely don't condone this for babies younger than a year though. Their nighttime needs are still so high and reasonable at that age. But, an average 16 month old ought to be able to deal with no milk at night and ought to not wake up so many times.

Sandeep, definitely give him a high protein snack before bed like cheese, yogurt or meat just to make sure he won't get "hungry for milk" in the middle of the night, and only be thirsty.

P.S. If you are talking about him wanting you to nurse him in the middle of the night, try letting him hold a sippy cup of water the next few nights while you nurse him up until you implement the controll crying.

Susanna - posted on 01/26/2010




Hi, Firstly is he eating enough at his last meal before bed? My fourth child is 13mth old eats a full dinner has 1 bottle and goes to sleep the entire night. I found I had the same problem with my older children because I wasnt feeding them enough. NO MASHY FOODS. They sould be eating almost the same as you and the rest or the family. Also try a dummy (I know the D Word) but it may be a security thing related to the sucking reflex that is present from birth. Other than that I dont think it is that bigger deal. He will grow out of it soon enough anyou will wonder why you wanted to rush it. Cheers:)

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