How, do I ask another Mom not to breastfeed uncovered in front of my husband. Breastfeeding Mom, as well.

Katherine - posted on 10/18/2012 ( 9 moms have responded )




Breastfeeding openly in front of another moms husband, and the other Mom Breastfeeds, as well, but wants her to cover up while in her home, and in front of her husband. The husband has been asked to leave the room next time, but would really prefer that the mom covers up. How do you say something to the Mom without making her feel like she cant breastfeed in the other friends home. Breastfeeding is wonderful, and natural, and should be allowed anywhere, but you should be covered up while in front of other men, and expecially married men. iIts our responsibiliy to make sure we are not causing other men who love there wives to look at us, because lets face it, even though we know breastfedding is perfectly natural, men were created different then women, and they have to tendency to think defferently when seing another woman breastfeeding. How do I say something to this Mom without affending her, or making her feel like shes not open to breastfeed at my home.


Firebird - posted on 10/19/2012




" its our responsibiliy to make sure we are not causing other men who love there wives to look at us" I'm sorry, but that is the most ridiculous thing I've heard all day! It is not a woman's job to make sure someone else's husband isn't a pig. A man is perfectly capable of showing respect and not oggling a nursing mother. What the hell kind of a question is this?

Dove - posted on 10/18/2012




You suck it up and let the woman feed her child or you risk having this woman never come to your house again. I never covered up anywhere and yet was never exposed. If you had the balls to tell me how to nurse or not nurse MY child... our friendship would be over.

Ariana - posted on 09/26/2013




"[It's] our responsibility to make sure we are not causing other men who love [their] wives to look at us."

Sorry but I just do not agree with that statement at all. That's like saying if a girl wears a skirt she's causing men to look up it. Men are not wild animals who cannot possibly control themselves at a partially exposed boob.

It's a boob, it's not the end of the world. You don't start staring at it the moment it appears.

Men are not exempt from controlling themselves, and breastfeeding as well as boobs are a natural thing. She's not walking into the house and throwing her whole shirt up I'm sure, I'm sure it's only actually even out there for a second before the child gets put there. I'm sure he can avert his eyes from her boob, as he most likely does for all the women who's boobs he encounters.

Grace - posted on 09/26/2013




I realize this is an old post. I say stick to your guns and your beliefs. I agree that another woman's breasts should not be exposed, especially to my husband. Sin is prevalent in everyone and we should do our utmost to protect our brothers and sisters (because yes some women struggle with attraction to other women). It's about living above reproach. I absolutely am modest in every way possible for men and women, besides my husband in the privacy of our home. First priority is God, second is my husband (to whom my body belongs to) and then my child. First I observe modesty and then I keep myself covered for my husband. It's SO SIMPLE to cover. It shouldn't be so hard to do. And it disappoints me that women try to push and push and make themselves feel okay about revealing their breasts to anyone besides their husband. Breasts are very much sexualized in the Bible. Song of Solomon anyone? Girl, stand firm. You are protecting your husband and that is not only honorable, but it is your job as a wife.

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I am a breastfeeding mom and I agree that while it is wonderful and natural, I still feel it is inappropriate and rude to expose your breasts in front of other people, especially men. A person should never have to remove themselves from the company of others in order to feed their child, but they SHOULD be discreet about it because while breastfeeding is NOT sexual, the breasts ARE sexualized in our culture and society. That's just a fact. Nothing wrong with a latched-on baby, but we don't need to be showing our boobs. I don't understand the big deal some women make about just simply covering up, even if it's just for the moment that you are preparing yourself to feed the baby. I have seen women lift up their shirt almost to the neck, undo their bra, and let the boob fall out all-conspicuous before lifting their baby up towards their chest. There are ways to be more discreet. You don't have to show your breasts to take a stand for pro-breastfeeding. Both of my children HATED to be covered during feedings, but you can cover yourself until baby latches on, and after that baby's head pretty much covers most everything if baby won't keep a cover on. Maybe it's because I myself am a very discreet person, but I see nothing wrong with asking someone privately if they would mind just making sure their breast is covered during breastfeeding, but I would be very careful how you word it and make sure you convey that you are not asking them to hide away in a different room or hide the fact that they are breastfeeding, just that you would like them to try to be careful not to expose that personal womanly part of their body. I really don't see why that would be offensive.


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Haha Michelle.. Are we walking into peoples home and eating off of a human tit? No we're not. So tired of hearing the "would you eat wth a blanket over your head?" Like really lol? No. I eat with a fork and spoon. Again, not a human tit. It's disrespectful and it makes you look bad as well if you can't even take the time to be discreet INFRONT of other people. Breastfeeding is completely natural. But take some time to consider others around you. Just because women have children and breastfeed doesn't give them the right to disregard others feelings. Respect. Cheers.

Holly - posted on 10/19/2012




If something needs to be said tell your friend that it makes your husband uncomfortable being in a room with an exposed breast... if perhaps she could be more discreet about it. But i do agree that if i was made to be "discreet" about feeding my child i may become offended...

perhaps you could get her one of those cute nursing covers

Jodi - posted on 10/18/2012




Is your husband 16? Because unless he is (or very close to), then he really needs to grow up.

Michelle - posted on 10/18/2012




Your husband doesn't have to look. I would be offended if you asked me to cover up as well. Do you eat with a blanket over your head when you are is someone else's house?

If your husband keeps looking then you need to address it with him. Let him know that you aren't comfortable with him looking at another woman's breast and he can either leave the room or look elsewhere.

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