How do I avoid invading someones home?

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we come in peace and leave in pieces. Yesterday my three children (6, 4, & 5 mos) traveled two hours to my nephews bday party. We were there for about six hours. In that time my 5 month took a nap in my nephews crib, and played in his bouncer. Of course my sister didnt mind this ay all but got me thinking about when I goto someones elses home. Do I bring her pack n play and her fold up swing? i have a packed to the top diaper bag and usually the older kids have a toy bag plus snack bag. Wondering how other moms feel about other babies using their kids stuff or should the mom just "set up shop". Also how to condense diaper bag and toys. Going on vacation soon too so I need to figure out my must haves.


Lissa - posted on 06/19/2011




My children are all past the baby and toddler stage so to be honest I just don't have any of the baby essentials anymore. I do keep some baby toys and a couple of sippy cups so if we have little visitors we are prepared. Also if I had friends with babies who were going to be visiting a lot I would buy a travel cot and a basic buggy so they didn't have to think about bringing those things. I never had a problem with friends using an of those things while I actually still had them and I did hold on to quite a few thing until my friends babies were past the age of needing them.
As for going away we take one small bag which the children can fill with their favorite things, I would take the pack n play because it can be used for various things. Also depending on where you are going it may be easier to buy things when you get there. For instance why take all the nappies you need when you can buy them there. Also simply buying small tubs of cream etc saves space in the nappy bag. I would buy a travel first aid kit so you have plasters and bite cream etc to hand.


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Jenni - posted on 06/19/2011




I don't mind at all if my friends/family use our baby stuff. I wouldn't want them to go to all the trouble of packing up all their equipment. Besides, the way I figure it, the more use I get or someone else gets out of the stuff, the better. Our children only use those things for a short time and I can't stand waste. :)

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