How do I best help my adult mentally ill niece with hygiene issues?

Sivani - posted on 08/25/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




niece and mother(my sister) now live with me as we seek to get professional help with treatment and SSI. Hygiene issues so bad my own adult children don't want to visit my home.


Angela - posted on 08/26/2014




Specifics please.

And what is your sister, her own mother doing to address this issue?

Are you sure the whole reason your own kids won't visit is because of her poor hygiene? Or is that just an excuse? People are very good at excuses when the whole reason or the real reason is embarrassing to have to explain. And the fact remains that some people with mental health issues have a "needy" personality which becomes very wearing for others (that's just one example of what the "real" reason may be!).

If she showered, shampoo'd her hair and wore all fresh, clean clothes would they suddenly decide it was OK to visit? Knowing what I know of people who just decided to keep away from "problem people" they possibly wouldn't! Or they might accept she's clean for the moment but decide not to visit because the next time she's "unclean" she may see them and wish to communicate with them IN A PUBLIC PLACE!!

Whilst I agree that you niece deserves your compassion and your help, I wouldn't depend on the rest of your family visiting once you've dealt with it. Honestly.

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