How do I break my 16 mo old of being rocked to sleep>

Shanna - posted on 06/25/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have always rocked my daughter to sleep. For naps and bedtime, we read books then she drinks her bottle, and usually falls asleep pretty quickly. However, this has made it difficult for my husband to do bedtime and for her to have a sitter or go to daycare. If I lay her down with out her falling asleep or before she is fully asleep, she screams and cries and sometimes holds her breath until I come back and rock her more...

I feel that I have created a little monster but cannot listen to her cry (hysterically) for long periods and the holding the breath thing absolutely scares me to death...

I have to break her of the bottle and get her to go to sleep on her own. I am a first time mom and have no family to turn to for help. I am open to any and all suggestions... Thank you!


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I can't really give any advice since i never rocked either of my kids to sleep. Renae would just fall asleep on my lap and I'd put her down and Logan just went to sleep when I put him down with a dummy and his cuddly and if they cried I came back and patted them I never picked them straight back up. Maybe you could just come back and pat her until she's asleep and I think that if this is the case Dad needs to be doing bed time more often so she gets used to him doing it and goes to sleep.

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I'm really sorry you feel you need to break her of snuggly/rocking time. Is there any reason why your husband won't rock his daughter to sleep? This is your daughter's routine for bedtime. It comforts and soothes her. Why take that away from her? Why would her Daddy refuse to rock his baby girl?

Sorry- but I am of the opposite opinion. If being rocked to sleep is comforting and soothing, then why disrupt it? It works. From the sound of your post, your husband has never participated in bedtime routines. That's a shame. I always found that rocking my son to sleep well past the age of 16 months was soothing for all of us, and yes, my husband & I definately took turns in putting our son to sleep.

But in the grand scheme of things, she won't want to be rocked and cradled forever. So embrace it for as long as you can. When my son was that exact age, he did start a traditional daycare. He FOUGHT against naptime, but eventually his little body caved in. Kids adapt in new settings. They really do.

I transitioned to sippy cups as well around that age. But also,try picking your battles. Sleep really shouldn't be a battle to pick. Kids and moms both need sleep-a good night's sleep. So in order to maximize a restful sleep, use the method that works BEST- and in your case, it is rocking to sleep.

Good luck.

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