How do i break my 8 mos old girl from being spoiled



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JuLeah - posted on 10/03/2011




8months? can't be spoiled.

At this age she is learning the world is a safe place. She is learning this because when she cries, you attend. When she is hungry you feed her, when she is wet, or wants to be held or talk to or played with, you are there.

She will learn to trust you. She will learn she is safe in the world.

She wants nothing more then to make you happy, please you. She lacks langauge and any understanding of how the world works, so she relies on messages she gets from you

She she does something and you smile, coo, praise, she learns to do that thing again

You never want to yell, strike her, or ignore her

There are many books, classes, and even on line links where you can learn about the development of her little body and brain - you can learn to see the world as she sees it, understand her point of view. When you do this, knowing how to react to her is easier

Jane - posted on 10/03/2011




How is she spoiled? You are the adult, and she is much, much smaller than you, so if you don't want her to have something, don't give it to her. She will fuss, but eventually, if you are consistent, she will realize that no means no. Of course, this is very early days in that she is still dependent on you for almost anything. You will run more of a risk of her becoming spoiled when she is old enough to realize that stuff has value and that other people want the same stuff she does.

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