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Raye - posted on 02/11/2015




Tell him it's over. Go to court and have custody and visitation set up. You have to stay strong and not fall victim to him.

If he does have an open marriage, that's probably worse than him keeping you as a mistress on the side. Does he have other sexual relationships? Does his wife sleep around? If you have a child, you've obviously not been using protection all the time, and you could have contracted STD's. Whether he's been cheating or has an open marriage, those are usually very one sided (the man doing as he pleases), and can be very degrading to the wife. Yes, it's partially her fault for allowing it, but it's also his fault for making her feel worthless and trapped in a failed marriage. You said it yourself, somehow you get back together again. This man is a manipulator. He's manipulated his wife. He's jerked you around. You're better off without him. Got to court. Set up a co-parenting plan. And move on with your life.

Ledia - posted on 02/11/2015




He's married? Is it an open marriage? Does his wife know about his relationship with you? Do you have child support and visitation set up through the courts?

Not trying to pry, but that could be helpful information....

Just tell him it is over. Arrange through court to have pick up and drop off for visitation in a public place where he doesn't have an opportunity to spend time with you and try to get back together.

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