How do I change my 2 year old eating habits?

Oana - posted on 11/20/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




She would eat only a limited variety of food and she wouldn't touch our food so I need to cook something different for her every nite, which is a nuisance. She takes scrambled egg and spinach, rice, minced meat and mash.. She takes fruit but would rather have cheese and crackers..How do I get her to eat EVERYTHING?


Michelle - posted on 11/20/2011




I agree with Amanda. By making her a different meal now you are setting yourself up for headaches for years to come.

I cook 1 meal and all 3 of my kids eat what we eat. I make sure I don't cook things that they won't like though. My boys (10 & 7.5) have learnt that I won't cook anything horrible and they at least need to try everything I make. They are pretty good now but they did go through the same phase.

My 20mo eats everything in sight and prefers fruit and vege's over other snacks. I find that it's easier to leave out grapes or stawberries (something you don't need to cut up) at their level so they can just snack on them when they want.

You have to be strong and not give in. They test their "power" at this age and will learn how long they have to hold out until you give in.

Amanda - posted on 11/20/2011




First stop cooking different meals for her. Funny thing about kids, they will not starve themselves. The first few meals she will say no to, prob wont eat. But trust me when she is hungry she will eat whatever you put infront of her. When she asks for food later, offer her the SAME food she said no to earlier do not make a new meal or she will just learn to hold out until you make new food.

This will take will power on your part. She will throw a fit, and you will say no this is your food, eat it or dont. When she realizes she will not win the fight she will give in.


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Oana - posted on 11/20/2011




Thank you,ladies!! I feel like such a rubbish mum sometimes as I give in to it..Will enrol hubby for moral support :-).

Stifler's - posted on 11/20/2011




You can't kids are picky and some adults are even picky and have preferences. But I agree with Amanda, just stop making her an extra meal and try to include some stuff she likes in everyone's dinner so she at least eats something and is offered everything else.

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