How do I cope with my daughters acid reflux.. :( ?

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My daughter was born 30 weeks premature..8th Sept..she is now 3 months today...she has been having terrible reflux issues...My doctor has advised to use sachets of gaviscon powder in every 50ml of her feed...( she is on breast milk and Similac Neosure) but despite that she still throws up...she is also on Zantac drops (0.5ml ) every 8 hold her reflux...can some please suggest me something cos she stretches way too much that she throws up.her stretching is so bad that her face turns red..and she fees so uneasy...and she's a sign of acidity reflux....I feel sorry for her every time she goes thru that...Also if you can suggest which oil do I massage her with....please help me....she was 1.4kgs when she was born..she is now 4.3kgs...


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get some homeopathic tissue salts nat sulf and nat phos.. is good for acid reflux and can be given to infants and up.. they disolve in the mouth..just give 1 or 2 pills to her when she needs it.. The pills are only about the size of the end of and eraser on a pencil..but a little smaller.. they melt as soon as you put them in your mouth. I use this stuff myself. there are no side effects.. all naturall and is used for infants and up.

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I've never had to deal with it but I was born without a top stomach muscle. It meant that everything that hit my stomach came straight back up again.

It did correct itself after 6 months though. The only thing my parents could do was soothe me as best they could. They weren't allowed to feed me extra and no medication would work.

The only thing I would suggest is go back to your doctor and see if there is anything else available. The good thing is she is putting on weight.


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