how do I cope with troublesome behavior of my 26 years old son?

Maria - posted on 07/12/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 26. Not diagnosed by any doctor or psychologist. My father and myself did a lot of research for years until we found the characteristics of Asperger's Syndrome and saw the portrait of my son in them. It's been an amazing, trying and sometimes extremely hard journey. Right now I see a psychologist regularly in order for the two of us (mother and son) to guide me through this ordeal. He can get really challenging and sometimes I wonder if there could be some sort of bipolarity in his behavior. I would love some help from Circle of Moms in my situation or anything that looks like it. Thanx to all.


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Jodi - posted on 07/12/2015




Google is not a doctor. You need to have him formally diagnosed. Bipolar and Aspergers are two totally different things. I also find it difficult to believe these things didn't show up when he was still at an age where you actually had some control over taking him to see appropriate medical professionals. Has this only just come to light to you as he has become an adult? In which case, I would consider there may be more to it than this.

Michelle - posted on 07/12/2015




How about you see a doctor and get a formal diagnosis? That would be best for all of you.
That way your doctor can help with treatments instead of complete strangers on the internet.

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