how do i correct my 8month old son?

Hayley - posted on 04/05/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have a 8month old baby boy and i live in a very small apartment, i have cords in some corner of the apartment that goes to the tv, lamp computer ext... I have done everything in my power to keep the cords away from him but he keeps going back to them. I have been trying to work with him on the word NO but he looks at me and giggles or smiles. I try playing with him or giving him something to eat but after he is done eating he goes right back to it. Is there any other way i can correct him? I REFUSE TO SMACK HIS HAND OR ANYTHING ALONG THOSE LINES! please help


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Sally - posted on 04/05/2012




cover the cords until his a little older. His to young to truely understand. Time outs etc won't really work at this age and will only cause you both to be stressed. Cords should be away and safe anyway.

Michelle - posted on 04/05/2012




We put a dresser in front of our cords which keeps them out of view but maybe little wall mounts that work like staples to hold the cords to the wall so he can't pull on them that way it is just at the outlet you would have to worry about.

September - posted on 04/05/2012




Redirect, redirect, redirect. You could also get a cord cover so that they are not as noticeable. Or roll them up and hide them behind the tv.

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