How do I deal with a irresponsible sperm donor(aka dad)?

Kelsey - posted on 03/16/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Okay, Here's my story,

My son is ten months going on 11 months. He weights 27 or 28 pounds the last time I checked and he's rather long for his age but anyways. My ex was in a car accident about two weeks ago with his girlfriend and her daughter. They were cut off by someone and they hit a patch of ice that caused them to spin out and hit the concrete barrier headfirst.

My ex tells me that if the baby was with them; he would have been gravely injured. Well, last Saturday, I found out while getting his license plate number for child support paperwork; that he had the baby's car seat forward facing his new truck that he bought with his tax return. And that if my baby was in their car at the time of the wreck; my baby could have easily died by a broken neck with improper car seat usage.

I told him nicely, or as nicely as possible that he had the car seat in wrong and he was putting the baby's life in danger. He told me that he would take the ticket and that I was overreacting.

Well, fast forwarding to today, I told had asked my ex if he fixed the baby's car seat around before his visitation. My ex replied, no, and he's not worried about it and he's on his way to pick the baby up.

I told my ex, either you fix your car seat the right way or you don't get your visitation. My ex, of course, threatens to call the cops on me and to call his lawyer and he'll see me in court. Then preceded to call me all kinds of names under the moon. Then he hung up on me. That was just the first phone call.

The second phone call was he trying to figure out how to flip the car seat around. Then tells me, the car seat bends funny and it would squish the baby's legs up. My ex decided to not switch the car seat around and it was fine the way it was. Meanwhile in the background of his phone; I hear his girlfriend calling me all kinds of names under the moon and she thought that the car seat wouldn't work. Frankly, she's has three kids, I would think she knows how to install a car seat correctly. Anyways, my ex said, that the car seat was going to be forward facing and there's nothing that I can do about it.

I told him that, either you fix that car seat or no visitation. In our joint custody agreement; there's a little blurb about placing the child in situations or around individuals that can cause physical, mental or emotional harm. He threaten the cops on me again. I told him go ahead and call, I'll give you the number. I also said, that when/if you fix that car seat the right way, you can do your visitation. I even offered my car seat and/or to help him install his car seat in correctly. He told me that he's on his way and he's doing his visitation.

I told him no, then got called all kinds of names, again.

The last phone was him saying he's not taking his visitation and I can kiss my child support good-bye then he hung up. Which I found hilarious, since he hasn't been paying child support for almost four months now and used his tax return; while claiming the baby without my permission for buying a truck. That's okay though, I'm still claiming the baby on my taxes and we can go to court, since my ex doesn't meet the requirements to claim the baby.

I know I did the right thing. I just can't seem to wrap around my head to understand this "dad's"(aka sperm donor's) logic. Who wouldn't want the safety of their child?

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