How do I deal with a neighbor who suspects child exploitation?

Colyn - posted on 10/23/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 12 year old daughter dyed her hair and this neighbor thinks it's some sort of abuse. Public schools do not have any problems with students altering their hair colour. She complained that it will provoke pedophiles to target my daughter. Her main concern was also sex trafficking and people viewing her more differently than a typical 12 year old. My children know how to handle things in most situations. She is not going out during inappropriate hours, not permitted to hide social media activities, and we try to keep up with what's going on in our child's life. I don't personally think that some blonde streaks on black hair will cause these dangers to happen. They are far more likely to happen to children who have too much privileges that they can not handle, no parental guidance, and a lack of supervision. My daughter is meeting all her basic needs as well as parental guidance.


James - posted on 11/26/2017




To me it seems like the neighbor is a little old-fashioned. To be honest I think adding a little color is perfectly fine. She might say that she is trying to help keep your daughter safe but there is such a thing as over protection and if you are being over protecting then your child would want to run away from home

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