How do i deal with an aggressive 4yr old?

Leigh-Ann - posted on 04/15/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Its always his way or no way, if i want to go to town he gets so upset and shouts and screams at me. He ruins my whole day. Putting him in a corner for time out doesnt work. Taking toys away that he loves doesnt work. When i sit him down and talk to him he makes conditions, if i do this for him he will stop being naughty........ What to do?


Jessica - posted on 04/15/2009




hi my name is jessica n i have the same problem with my 2yr old n 4yr old n i still haven't found a solution!i've tried every thing u have n more which haven't worked either!i'm geusing just b firm n don't let them think they can get it over u!at least that's what i'm trying now!

Donna - posted on 04/15/2009




Sorry to say but the only way is to say NO, i have a nine yr old so i remember what your going through. It seems that you just have a child with nice behaviour when they turn into the devil, children will test and test you throughtout their and your lives. You really have to be firm if you need to get things done you need to get them done and that's it. Sometimes you can't make compramises, it will be tough but you have to stand your ground at the moment he calls the shots - it's time for you to take control back. I also have a 2yr old and when she shouts and screams in the shop i just pick her up - don't say a word to her - and walk out. Hope it's some help.


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Kylie - posted on 01/12/2012




Sorry i cant help, im in a similar situation! I have a 4.5yr old boy, very defiant, i do a lot of yelling and screaming, and of course he does it back, so its not working! time out, leads to holding door shut and now have dents in it from his anger! He doesnt do anything i ask of him! What do i do? Taking his toys away didnt really do anything either!

Shelagh - posted on 04/15/2009




The example you give is of wanting to go to town. Is he upset because you are leaving him behind? Or because you are taking him with you and he doesn't want to go? When he 'kicks off' I would suggest coming right down to his eye level, and making eye contact. Talk clearly and firmly. Really mean what you are saying . Avoid ending your sentences with 'OK?' - you're telling him, not asking him. Never ever agree to his conditions. You are the grown-up, you know what's best. You're not there to negotiate.

Antoinette - posted on 04/15/2009




Yes,well I have a four year old girl and she is an absolute handful at times,she doesn't care what the consequence is,only putting her to bed early and not to get to watch her show,that works,or going to bed earlier than her sister upsets her so yes that works to.

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