how do i deal with an autistic child who misbehaves deliberately when i leave her with a sitter?


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firstly I doubt its a deliberate action, much more likely to be a reaction to a change of routine. Does your child know the sitter? Has the sitter been in regular contact before you left him/her. You see autistic children find their comfort in routine, and when that routine is changed suddenly, they panic. So when introducing a sitter into the 'norm', it takes much more time than normal...introducing the new person into your routine slowly, allowing the child to become accustomed to the sitter being in control, by separating yourself for a few seconds only at the beginning until your child is comfortable that the sitter will be able to assist them in your absence. If the sitter is skilled in minding such children then he/she will understand your concerns and agree to acclimatise the child to being cared for by another. Please don't lose heart, and please don't label your child's actions as is far more likely that your child panicked when he/she realised you were no longer there. God bless.

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