How do I deal with loosing a baby

Alisha - posted on 01/20/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am 22 an I have a 2 yr old daughter an I am engaged to be married in sept. I reasonly lost a baby at 18 weeks pregnant do it a weak cervix an infection. I had gotten better so to speeck bt for the past 2weeks or so I have slipped back into the whole I started in. I'm tired all day can't sleep at night loosing weight (which at now 98 pounds I can't afford to loose more) I don't know how to get back up again. It seems like everybody around me is getting pregnant an all with little boy ( my baby was a boy) even my 40 year old cusin. My step sister was pregnant just before I got pregnant an she to see having a boy. She has been fight preterm labor since a week after we barryed my son n November. She is now 37 weeks an her son will be here. Any day now I'm happy for her (its her first) bt it hurts me so bad to see her pregnant body an I can only imagen what hurt I will feel to see her holding her son knowing I will never get to hold mine again! Plz somebody give me some advice on how to deal with all of this! As long as its not keep my head up or keep praying it will get easier

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