how do i deal with my 4yr old and new b/f plz any1 just dont no what to do??

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i recently left my kids father and got into a new relationship shortly after,and my 4 yr old son is having a very very hard time,he has become very mean n angry to his sisters and just rude and always mad everyday all day its getting very overwhelming to deal with and whenever i ask hthis problem is he says he wants his dad and now he is teling me he just wants me with his dad and not my new boyfreind whome i care alot about i dont want to end a good relationship over my 4 yr old but im not 1 to choose a man over my kids do i deal with this? and do i choose ending a relationship 4 my kid? and makes me wonder if theres a reason y my son doesnt want me wth my new b/f e says he like him but just wants his dad with us????plz any sugestions please...

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This is a duplicate post, so I'm going to lock it so as to avoid confusion.

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just make sure he gets enough good attention and time with you w/o your boyfriend at first. Reassure him that is it okay to be upset about you not being with his daddy , but don't let him get away with hurting or being mean to his sisters. Maybe if you can discuss with his dad what you both would like to do about it or there are books out there that can help you.

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