How do I deal with my daughter slowly gaining weight over the last couple of years?

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When she was little she could eat whatever she wanted and it didn't matter, in fact she was very thin. But she is 13 now and she has really started gaining weight. I am so afraid of hurting her feelings or offending her, but I think I should talk to her about it. I have decided recently to minimize fast food and junk food and buy a lot of fruit for her to snack on. And I have been encouraging her to be more active, like suggesting that we take the dog for a walk. I think that the cause is that she is not as active and eats when she is bored. Also, she eats more than the rest of us at meals, but I don't think that she is really hungry, she just likes it. I don't think that it's a medical problem because I see her behavior as the cause. What I really want to know is how to talk to her about this? What do I say? She is such a wonderful person. She is beautiful, smart, so funny and friendly. I just worry so much that someone will make fun of her or that all of her great qualities will be overlooked because of her being overweight. She is so wonderful, I just don't know what to do. Please help!


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I don't know about what to say to her, but make sure any diet and activity changes are a FAMILY affair. It'll make it less like you're 'picking on her' (I KNOW you aren't, but she might feel that way) and more like the entire family is making a change to be healthier... NOT thinner. Good luck!

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Sign her up for a class in nutrition and fitness - take them with her

Get her in sports

Do weekend activities with her like hiking or swimming - walk the dog with her

Fast food makes you fat - sugar makes you fat. Sugar leaches many important vitamins from your body, which in turn leaves you hungry because your body does not have the raw material it needs, so you eat more

Carbs, like breads and pasta break down into sugar, and usually leave you hungrier for junk

A lot of fruit is not really good - also sugar, so some fruit, is very good, a lot ... not so much

Vegetables are what she needs more of, lean meat if she eats meats ... have her snack on carrot sticks or something

Take up the hobby of cooking with her- maybe take a cooking class with her - healthy meals, low carbs, no sugar ... processed foods are beyond bad for you, artificial sweeteners are worse then sugar ... trans fats needs to be avoided at all cost - dyes, corn syrup ...

So, basically, if she eats FOOD, she can eat most all she wants. If she is eating 'food like substances', she will be heavy and unhealthy

This needs to be about health, not what strangers and classmates think. Heavy people are treated poorly, but that is not their fault, that is the fault of the people who value thin over human emotion


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Just ask her if she is comfortable with her weight etc. Hitting puberty can really stuff with your weight.

Christy - posted on 09/11/2011




Thank you for responding. So far the changes that we've made (like less junk food and fast food and more fruit, etc) have been for us all. I just haven't said anything and I don't know if I should just continue with being healthier or if I should also talk with her about it?

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