How do i dicipline my three year old

Joe - posted on 01/27/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a three year old daughter, she screams when she ask for something and couldn't get it. she screams so loud that you can hear her miles away, most times I get frustrated with that mostly when she do it in the public like malls,restaurants. How do I get her to understand that not everything she ask for is good for her. please I need some advice


Amy - posted on 01/27/2014




When she acts like that in public leave immediately. Do not give her the opportunity to carry on. That may mean if you are in a restaurant whoever you are with will have to finish their meal and then trade places while someone sits in the car with your daughter. If you give in she will never learn but if she realizes the minute she acts up you are going to leave and the fun stops it will like curb the behavior. When you are at home and she does it just walk away and ignore her, don't respond at all, the behavior will lessen over time but now that she realizes she's going to get a reaction from you it's going to take some time.

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