How do i discipline a child who has tantrum when its time to go somewhere?


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Neva - posted on 08/30/2011




Children with autism prefer to know what's going to happen next, so interrupting something that he's doing to go somewhere may be upsetting. As far in advance as you can, let him know what's going to happen for the day. Then start about 1/2 hour before you are going to go and tell him in 30 minutes we're leaving, its time to prepare, then in 15 minutes remind him again, then 10 minutes, 5 etc. Also tell him that at the 5 minute warning you want him to stop what he's doing and get ready to go and what the consequence for not doing so will be then follow through. Try to stay as calm as you can It may take a while, but the more he knows what is expected in advance, the better he will tolerate the activity.

Keri - posted on 08/29/2011




My son is 14 years that has autism.If we interrupt what he is doing he gets upset.

April - posted on 08/27/2011




How old is your child? Are you pulling them away from what they are doing to head out the door? Do you let them take toys, drinks, etc. with them in the car?
My daughter went through a phase (around 15 months)where she'd hate to go anywhere because she didn't want to be in her car seat. There was no "discipline", we just ignored it, and went where we had to go and made sure she had toys, drink, etc. in the car with her.
My son (3-1/2 yo) doesn't like to go sometimes, but if he has warning that we are going, knows where we are going, and chooses a toy or two to take with him then there's rarely any struggle.

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