How do I discipline my four year old?


Medic - posted on 05/11/2012




It depends on what is going on. I tend to ask once, tell once, then time out or removal from the situation.

Example: My 5 year old is not sharing with his sister.

"Please share with your sister, Thank you"
"I have asked you once, now I am telling you, Please share with your sister or you can go to the corner"
"Ok I have asked you, then I told you, and YOU chose not to listen. Now you can go to the corner."

I know the example is stupid but it works.

Gina - posted on 05/12/2012




That it's all the depends of the case. Ask yourself how are you with your child? Do you have pensions? Do you handle situations calmly when you child does something that might irritate you?
I ask this first; because normally our children will behavior is based on how parents behave in front of him/her. As little they are they begin to be little one of us. Does that make sense? Use calmly voice and tone, because ones you show irritation even with a small child you have giving control to the child. HOW?? Mmmm … this is tricky.
Well, they begin to do/act like us parents.
And when we don’t react right away, and we begin to wonder how is that my child is doing all these silliness things, we should instead, ask ourselves how are am I/ we with our child? Do I/ we use loud voices? This means children will scream, and if I/we hold them tightly from their hands or arms? Children will through objects instead and give temper tantrums because they aren’t big or strong enough to hold any adult so they get frustrated. The point is by recognizing how you are as parent then you’ll know how to begin to help yourself to control your child, gradually(baby steps) because he /she has already developed or should say, got use to do what he/she feels right.
Isn’t too late to show a child different. Remember they are sponges they see and hear and copy everyone. Good luck!!


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Firebird - posted on 05/12/2012




Time out never worked with my daughter, so before she could write I used to make her repeat a certain phrase relating to the unwanted behaviour. If she was throwing toys the phrase would be "we do not throw toys" if she was screaming or yelling for no reason "no screaming, no yelling". I'd make her say it like 10 times until it sunk in.

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well i spank my children when they do something wrong. If they are being mean and trying to break stuff, i'll take it away. if they don't listen to me they will get spanked. they don't like being made to be sitting on a chair without anything either. I have also made my children stand in the corner facing the wall. they don't like that either. it all depends on what they are doing to know what kind of disapline to act with.

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