how do i discipline my one year old?

Katiana - posted on 12/30/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




He just turned one this month. i just realized i was not specific at all when posting this sorry... well we moved to NY from Fl/ In Fl we were alone with no family or friends to really help us so it was pretty easy to maintain a regular schedule without any extra opinions. Now we're staying at my grandmothers house in NY til we're able to save enough money and move on our own. I just gave birth to my daughter so i know he may be a little jealous. He gives his sister kisses all the time and its so sweet but i can tell its for attention. I feel so bad that i cant give him attention 24/7 anymore and i must split my time between the two :( i dont know what to do in the following situations
1) he hits his sister, sometimes he slaps her, sometimes he throws his bottle at her or her shoe :/ i tried lightly slapping his hand and that created my next problem
2) he hits himself. when its not his way or if we say Noooo thats not nice he slaps himself :(
3) he throws a lot of fits/tantrums
he seems jealous of his little sister also... how do i make him feel better?

what do i do? i was raised in a strict home and got hit for every bad thing i did and all that did was help me rebel and leave home as a teen. but being too nice i've seen kids who turn out worse :/


Tyla - posted on 12/30/2012




I spank my 2 year old with my hand and he usually just hits me back so I started the "all alone" chair....he sits in a chair that is against my living room wall away from the sofa and other furniture. He sits there for 2 1/2 minutes because thats how old he is...then when its time for him to get up I go over to him get him out of the chair kneel down and get at eye level with him and explain why he had to sit there and why what he did was wrong for example...say I told him to pick up a toy and he refused so I count to three 1, 2, 3 and I tell him a second time to please pick up the toy or he will go to him "all alone time" he then screams no and hits me and runs off (this happens more than you think) so I calmly take him by the hand and take him to the chair sit him in it and tell him he has to sit there until mommy says he can get up (he usually screams the entire time so be ready for that) Once the time I up I go over to him and get at his level and tell him "When mommy asks you to do something you do do not hit because it hurts people....and you can't slam doors because you might break them or hurt yourself"

Just leave him there for 60 seconds and if he gets up sit him back down and tell him the time is starting over everytime he gets up

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