How do I ease rules into a household for a 16 yr old girl........recently moved in and I feel I'm always making new rules. I'm hands on helping with splitting chores etc. not just demanding things. I want to lead by example but I have issues with her giving attitude with most things. I let her know I'm trying to help you. I never ask anything I wouldn't do and I always take the hardest of tasks to make her transition a little easier. Any advice I'm all ears.


Michelle - posted on 07/01/2014




What is her Father doing?
Look at it from her side, you have moved in and now she has to do more. Really it should be her Father making sure she does her chores etc. The other thing is, she's 16. I don't know any 16yo's that like being told to do chores or even doing them unless it has been a part of their everyday routine since they were very young.

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