how do i entertain my 4month old????


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Lenora - posted on 08/24/2009




Buy one of those tummy mats that have lights and sounds and things to pull on, a swing, and lots of rattles! Read to him/her. Never to little to be read to! :)

Terri - posted on 08/24/2009




my kids love to look through photo albums and tehy liked playing with teddys rattles and when out side they like touching sand, grass flowers the world is there oster :) a simply think can entertain them :) mine is 5 month now and she likes playing in her walker and her door bouncer. but that is only coz she could hold her head herself by 2 months :) if ur cant hold its head tehn probly wait for that :)

Jennifer - posted on 08/24/2009




my son just turned 5 months old today he loved books that crinkled he had a baby pool and he loved being in his jumperoo and walker. he loves to always be busy

[deleted account]

-Narrate everything you see and do.

-Sing the silly finger-play songs (itsy bitsy spider, this little piggy etc)

-Play with a little soft stuffed doll and have it give kisses to each body part while nameing them (eyes, nose, ears, cheeks, neck)

-Exersoucer or Activity Gym.....the babies will enjoy all the toys to swat at

-Mirror, lay them in front of a full length safe mirror. They will enjoy looking at themselves.

-Go for walks and narrate the trees, leaves blowing in the wind

-Read a book, the hard cover books with different textures in them to feel are great, take their hand and touch each texture while reading to her about it

-Slow dance

-Baby Yoga dvd by Parents at Target

-Sign up for some free baby classes at your local library

-Join a Mommy & Me class

- Make things up as you go along...whatever puts a smile on your baby or she shows interest in keep doing!!

- HAVE FUN and Enjoy!!!

Alison - posted on 08/24/2009




My daughter is not easily entertained....The other day however, we were given a gift by a friend. It is a yellow duck stuffed animal made by Baby Einstein (It comes in their promotional DVD gift pack). It is a rattle, it has a crinkly stomach, it has a teether attached, and when squeezed plays upbeat classical music. I CANT BELIEVE HOW MUCH SHE LOVES THIS TOY. She could be crying nonstop and I will squeeze it and move it like it's dancing and she stops crying immediately...I would definately invest in one of these if I were you it makes my daughter so happy.

Sheri - posted on 08/24/2009




At 4 months their minds are constantly at work. Everything is a new experience, literally. The first 2 years their brains are rapidly developing, (75% of their brain develops this period) which is how they learn and pick up so quickly. A stroll in the local park or along the beach is entertaining. The local markets and stores as well, maybe the mall if you have one near by. Its also a good opportunity to point out objects and name them (red and green peppers are bright and attractive and simple enough for their attention span). Careful not to throw too much at them at once, with all of the bright lights, elaborate designs, and multi object toys it's no wonder so many children are diagnosed ADD! My son loved the rainforest bouncer seat; it had moving features and lights with music. Baby Einstein is good, but there is debate over television before 2 years b/c of its effects on brain development. I think there is a happy medium, so long as there is a limit maybe two videoes per day (they only last 20-30 min) I recommend using them only around nap/bed time b/c their state of mind isn't compromised. Finally, most importantly your attention. That is usually satisfactory and most crucial. They need it to develop a secure attachment style which ultimately influences their self confidence level and self esteem. You can sing, read, show them objects, make funny faces and watch them mimic you (it will turn you into a giggly school girl again). Hope this helps!

Turquoise - posted on 08/24/2009




my son is 4 months old and i noticed my son loves when i play peekaboo with his feet, u pretend to munch on his feet and my son as a hell of a time, also bouncing them on your lap,,I noticed its all experimenting, somethings i tried with my son and he just like at me like what the hell are you doing lol..anyways reply back to me to let me now whats going best of luck hun

Jessica - posted on 08/24/2009




trying singing, playing peek an boo, showing them books with heaps of colours, just really simple thing like that and a play mat does the trick too with toys hanging from it, my daughter really loved that. hope that helps

Jamie - posted on 08/24/2009




By talking and touching them. My children like to have different textures of things and toys that played music and had lights on them. You are your child's favorite toy, talking and making faces or funny pitches in your voice will have them laughing.

Louverna - posted on 08/24/2009




buy her a wrist rattle to play with.. talk and sing to her... you bring her outside the house and she'll love to see diffrent places and things..

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