How do i explain Aspergers to my Aspergers son?

Manda - posted on 04/10/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I finally told my youngest,who is 7 and very emotional, that his big brother,who is 9, has aspergers. I felt I had to,because my older son is constantly hurting Devon's feelings,excluding him,and being very mean,and I had to let him know that there isn't anything wrong with him,its just that his big brother views the world a little differently,and doesn't mean to hurt his feelings the way he does..but now I know I also need to explain this to Dean himself...I'm just so worried about causing him pain and distress..he already puts himself down all the time,saying he is just stupid,and nobody likes him, ect..despite my efforts at raising his self esteem his whole life..but I feel that ignoring it and trying to pretend he is normal is no longer an option. He is very far behind in school,he is almost through 4th grade,and is around 2nd grade level in most subjects . I've tried hard at teaching him at home,but he makes it such a struggle,it is almost impossible! It takes about an hour of arguing,bribing,begging,for me to get him to write one sentence..I don't want to just give up,but it is just soo hard! And no his little brother is suffering from his behaviors. Dean also head bangs in his sleep,all night long for hours,and they share a room,so Devon gets woke up by it constantly.. But where we live is soo small,the boys don't even have a closet in their room,so not sharing a room just isn't an option. I guess I'm getting a little off subject.. I'm sorry. My main focus right now trying to figure out a way to explain deans condition to him,without making him feel like more of " a freak" in his words... Any ideas would b greatly appreciated!

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