How do i figure out exactly what day i got pregnant? I didn't have sex until june 21st and my last period ended june 10th. And today the doctor said im 13 weeks and two days. How? My boyfriend thinks its not his but it is.


Jodi - posted on 09/11/2012




It goes by the date of the beginning of your LMP. So your doctor is saying you are 13 weeks and 2 days from when you STARTED your LMP. Not from the time you had sex. It is also only ever an estimate. Thats why the due date they give you is an EDD - ESTIMATED Delivery Date. There is no actual way to determine actual conception.

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Jessica - posted on 09/15/2012




and if you are like me my cycle is irregular and so its kinda hard. if i was to go by my LMP i would be 4 months instead of 3 because i didnt get my period in june but like my sonographer was trying to base me on ovulating in july when "technically" you cant get pregnant untill you ovulate. every woman is different so dont base anything off of that little wheel they use or sometimes your LMP will throw it all off too. like i got my sonogram at 8/8/12 and he measured me at 7 weeks exactly and the earlier you get a sonogram the better.

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