how do i find my husband's son from a previous relationship

Gaynor - posted on 11/14/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




i been married for 5 years now to my husband and we had a complicated history with each other . we started going out in 1988 when i was 14 and 3 kids later ,we lost a child to sids in 1994 and the following year i miscarried.
then in 1997 we separated but kept in contact for the sake of the 2 kids. then my youngest had a accident and we got back together. i got pregnant with my youngest and then he left me for another woman in 1999 and in 2002 they had a child and lived together for 3-4 years
things now start to get more complicated. he left the country to live in malta and returned in 2009 in which we got back together and i married him. i know who the woman is but not sure where she is and i don't know where to look as i haven't got much money to find him .
my husband got it in his head that if his son wants to find him , his son will find him.but i am unsure about this as the last place i think they knew where he was ,he was living in malta . his son will be 13 1/2 now and he hasn't seen his dad since 2004-2005 and i think he needs to see him before his son hates him even more


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Dove - posted on 11/19/2015




How do you know his son hates him? You don't have a clue....

It's not up to you to find his son though. That is on him completely.

Gaynor - posted on 11/14/2015




jodi i don't want him to leave it too late to find his son as he has a very difficult relationship with his other 3 children due to him leaving me for his other son mother
i want him to have the opportunity to find his son as he didnt have a good relationship with his ex and make amends now before his son hates him more

Jodi - posted on 11/14/2015




If your husband isn't interested in finding him, leave it alone.

Although give your statement "we got back together and i married him( i wish i didnt)" it makes me wonder if you are just doing this to piss him off,. You sure aren't doing it for him. So ask yourself why you are really doing it.

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