How do I find out if the signs of my 5 year old are linked to him possibly having Bi-polar or ADHD?


Crystal - posted on 10/11/2012




He is happy one minute then goes to being sad and crying over the most minor things. If his sister (who is 2) hits him with toys, playing or if she did it to be mean then he screams like she tried to really hurt him and cries for the longest time. Also, he has days where he is hyper, really outgoing, non stop talking, and then there is days where all he does is lay around or just play alone? Over the past year he has lost both grandfathers, started kindergarten, having to deal with his dad having a new girlfriend (his dad & I been divorced for 2 years). I dont know what to do I try and keep him calm and I've eliminated all sugar, caffine, he dont watch cartoons, or violent shows, just kiddie movies: Bambi, fox & hound, bee movie, etc. I'm so confused and dont know what to do or think?!

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