How do i find stay at home moms in my area?

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I dont know where i could go to meet stay at home moms. Im a shy person and that dont help i know there is alot of parents where i live but havent met any of them. i have been in this area since june.. and i really dont know how to meet anyone


Andrea - posted on 11/11/2013




Aw, congrats to you for wanting to get out there and meet other moms! There are so many great ways to find a group nowadays. Obviously you have at least some Internet time available...just doing general searches online, or on Facebook, is one way to go....if you're on Facebook you could even start your own group, name it something like "Stay At Home Moms in the _______ Area" - wherever you are....and then just invite friends to invite friends or whatever.
Another great option is to check out a local church - they often have great resources for that type of thing. As a Baptist-church-goer myself, I can tell you that Baptist churches are often a good place to go for that because they often have so many stay-at-home moms who attend! :D Haha....Idk what ages your kids are, so if they are just babies or preschool age there might not be as much to get involved in, but it seems like there is usually something a person can find...a play group, or something...Hope that helps.

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