how do i find the perfect pre-school for my daughter? what are the questions that as a mom should i ask?


Ev - posted on 03/08/2013




I work in a pre-school setting. Here are some things you need to find out:

1) What is the child to adult ratio?
2) What kinds of meals are provided?
3) What qualifications do the lead teachers and aids have? What is their required training? Do they have First Aid and CPR training?
4) What hours does the center run?
5) What is the policies on a sick child attending?
6) What is the play area outside like?
7) What is the weather policies for winter and summer like?
8) How do they handle other kids that hit, bite, or do other things to others around them?
9) Do they implement timeout and how?
10) Are there background checks on all who work in the facility?
11) What kinds of things will my child do in class during the day? What is the classroom schedule? What is expected at nap time? How long is nap? How often do they go out?
12) If you have a special needs child: Will they take my child? Will they work with the plan set in place for my child for their needs during the day? If medications have to be given, who gives that and will it be done on time?
14) What is their emergency weather policy? What is their security policy?
15) IF there is a custody issue, will they work with you on it such as the non-custodial parent not picking up the child unless its planned? Do they have a pick up list for you to fill out so that no one on who is not on the list can take your child?
13) Get references from the preschools or daycare, talk to other parents who have their kids there if you can or have had their kids there, talk to the teachers there and find out how long they have worked there and if they love their job.

These are what I would ask a facility I am looking into. While you want what is perfect, I can tell you from experience that there is nothing in this world that is perfect. A good preschool or daycare does its very best to hire the right people to care for children. Guidelines are set up in each state to make sure the facilities, people working there and those that run it are doing so by those guidelines. There are also groups that moniter daycare and preschools that give them a rating depending on what is offered, the care given and other things. Those ratings mean that center has managed to become the best of its kind. You should never enroll your child in a place that makes you feel uncomfortable. Do not feel pushed to choose something that does not fit your needs. Always check things out well ahead of time to be sure the place you do choose is what you want. I recommend checking your area for a list of schools that is available that shows the best ones that is in your area. Check with your state licensing program. THey can suggest the best ones. Always be open in communication with the centers that you consider for your child. Establish bounderies in the beginning of what you expect done with your child within reason of the school's capabilities to ensure your child's experience is the best it can be. Those of us that are in good centers do care about children and their best interests. Also understand that no center is perfect. It just has to fit you and your child. Good luck.


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Erica - posted on 03/12/2013




thank you very much Evelyn Witt this questions are going to be very helpful because i dont want pick a wrong school for my daughter i need to make sure she is in a safe environment and that she gets the right education thank you ones again

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