How do I get a Two year old boy to listen?

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I am the single mother of a two year old little boy. I love my son, but I have trouble getting him to behave. His father is not in his life, and he listens to my father and sometimes to my grandfather, but he only sometimes listens to me. I have tried timeout, talking, popping his hand, and finally spanking. He obeys for a few minutes after a spanking, then goes back to doing something that I have repeatedly told him not to do. I don't want to have to constantly spank my son just for him to stop getting into things that he shouldn't(like my grandmother's medicine, or trying to stick things in the socket). He is a very active and intelligent child, but he is also a very stubborn child. He also fights back alot of the time or has a tantrum. I ignore him when he has a tantrum, and tried telling that I wouldn't listen to him until he calmed down, but that didn't work either. I also have trouble with him going to bed. I get home from work around 12am or 1am and he's usually still up. He won't go to sleep until around 3 and he will kick, fight and scream until then. Then he's back up at 7 or 8. How can I get him to behave and listen to me?


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Two year old's generally don't behave like big kids, they are not. You have to tell them the same thing over and over and over, it will sink in but not in the first dozen times a day you tell him. You have to be patient and consistant. Don't give him mixed signals by letting somthing be "ok" one time and not "ok" the next. As far as bed time goes, who ever is caring for him while you are at work will have to put him to bed at a consistant time and be firm with him. Put him back when he gets up, over and over until he understands. Make a bed time and stick with it.

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