How do i get CAS off my back and or get my daughter back

Jackie - posted on 04/03/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Ive gone through a 5 yr battle with my X and ive been my childs primary caregiver although we have joint custody..she has never really wanted to go to her dads and shows so in fights aggressive behaviors ..cries and even avoidance when going...She has even made allegations to which now after CAS getting involved who have now placed her into foster care, have been proven he is not guilty..They claim parent alienation on my part and say I have been coaching her on what to say.
They think I have mental illness and are forcing me to get a psychiatric is gonna take forever to get in even with a referral..and then a wait even then...I just want my daughter back and that is all she keeps wanting..Im being supervised by workers since the beginning and even at one time in a room at their building from behind two way glass..and notes taken...My ex has never had that and infact has his gf as his supervised person. They wont allow my parents as they are biased but what do you think his ex is? I feel and see my Ex is getting a lot of what he wants and I am not..I even don't trust my lawyer who keeps telling me to do what they want and just get along when I have another lawyer ive been asking on the side who says different.. I feel like everyone is against me and not seeing the real pic..what is best for my daughter and what she wants and how strong our bond really is...Her dad and gf are even getting counseling on how to be better parents..but they have no issues with my parenting skills just my emotional or mental stability...Im from Ottawa ...anyone know of anyone who is a psychiatrist or I can get into one quick with a referral?
Help? I miss her and working with these people trying to control my every move and what I can and cant do with my daughter is unreal!..its creating a barrier in our once very very close relationship..

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