How do i get dad to think as dad

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My DD just turned 6 months on the 3rd, and I would love for Dad to take the reigns for a few hours one of these days so I can have a break. I'm a SAHM and am very greatful to be able to do so. But I'm lucky to get him to watch her so I can shower or cook. How do I get him to assume more responsibility than finances? He's great with her in small doses. But if I ask him to watch her so I can take a nap he's like I've got all this stuff I have to do and was gonna do. And I don't know I feel like I'm just assumed the osustion of always responsible for the baby and he gets to go do whatever all the time. What about when I need some me time? Is this normal new dad stuff? How do I approach it? It's not like he's a bad dad. I would just like him to assume the duties more often, and offer to give me a break every now and again. And not think of him, and me and baby so seperatly... If that makes sense?


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Have you sat down with him and had a discussion?
Maybe he's worried that he'll do something wrong. A lot of 1st time Dads are nervous and think they won't do as good a job as us. Talk to him and let him know that he's a great Dad and you would like him to look after his daughter for a couple of hours.

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