How do I get Daddy more involved in my childrens lives???

MOMMA♥3 - posted on 06/27/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello ~ I am the mother of three wonderful children ~ ages 6, and B\G Twins who are 4. I have been married to my husband and father of my kids for a little over 6 yrs, Life is ok, but I dont want it to be just OK.. here is the deal............ I work Full time outside the home, I am the housekeeper, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, ETC and usually all alone. I feel as if I am run down to my core every single night that I just collapse into my bed dreading yet another day of getting three kids up and off to daycare\school and off to work and then home to cook, clean, shower etc. I work my full time job for my sanity and usually just cut it to pay the daycare bill.... so no spending money or fun $ is enough to make someone crazy as well.. my husband is very good to us though we never go wanting anything... My husband is a wonderful father (when its convienient, and wants to be) Otherwise its like as if the kids dont exist really... there is no like "goodmorning" to them if he happens to be home or "how was school?" no convo whatso ever.... never has offered to play with them teach the boys to play ball etc unless I throw a fit about hi, being a part of their lives and missing out, then sometimes he will roll off the couch and play whatever it is we are... He works very hard as he has a full time day job and is a farmer.. I realize he needs to relax but I never get to and no one seems to care about me, so why should I care he wants to?? correct? It's just I spend every waking moment I possibly can with my children and love to see the smile on their little faces and its just as if he dont really care... does he not see he is missing out on something he can never get back?? maybe his dad never played with him?? I just dont get it but I am sick of "nagging" as he says to get him to be a part of anything with us as a family... he loves us all very much and does tell us that very often but its just like were all invisable to him at times or that we bother him.. How can I get myself not to feel like I am going crazy "making" him want to be a Daddy and a part of the important things in their lives?? No one said raising children would be easy... they just promised it would be worth it.... right???

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