How do I get her to understand not to pick on the dog?

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I've tried time outs, I've tried spankings, I've tried putting the dog in another room or behind a baby gate and NONE OF IT WORKS. How do I get my daughter to understand that picking on the dog is a dangerous thing? He gives her enough warning and I've grabbed her before it's gotten to the point where he snaps at her but she still does it. It's not like she hasn't been told time and time again what not to do....she even knows to grab a ball and toss it for him so they can play catch. She loves it when he chases her when she's holding his tennis ball so it's not like she doesn't know how to play right with him.

It's the other times and as of late it's gotten to the point where I literally have to put her in her room in time out after she gets spanked for "SITTING" ON HIM. It's only her dog she does it mom's dogs and my brother's dogs are left alone.

Any suggestions other then getting rid of him? I refuse to do that to another animal considering we had to get rid of our cat due to her asthma.


Abbie - posted on 08/08/2010




We are goign through that now too, Our dog is very tolerant, and nothing hurts him, I am more worried about his back. Actually what I did today was, as Tate was sitting on the dog. I picked him up got face to face and in a VERY stern voice, told him WE DO NOT SIT ON THE DOG!! I know I put a bit of fear into him, as he has not done it since.

I don't know what kind of dog you have or the tolerance of the dog, only you do. Sometimes you do need to spank to get their attention adn I personally think a spank is much better then a bite by the dog. The dog will always give warning, but whether you see it or not is the difference. I would try putting a little fear of god in her!! Best of luck

Amy - posted on 08/08/2010




I don't think spanking your daughter because she's aggravating the dog is the answer. You don't say exactly other then sitting on the dog what she's doing to get the dog to the point he's going to snap at her, nor do you say how old she is. If she's hitting the dog you have to see how spanking her is going to send mixed messages. Personally I wouldn't put the dog behind the gate since it's your daughter who's not following your rules, so to her it's saying you did something wrong but the dog is going to be locked up, it gives her no motivation to stop. Without knowing her age I would begin by trying to redirect, if she's pinching the dog say "we don't pinch, let's see if she wants to play catch", if that doesn't work I would put her in time-out. It needs to be done each and everytime she's not being nice to the dog, remove her from where the dog is. Also make sure everytime she is being nice to the dog make sure to offer up lots of positive attention so she will see she gets more attention from mommy if i'm nice to the dog.

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Amanda - posted on 02/19/2011




I am having a similar problem. My son is 16 months old, and he LOVES to "play" with the dogs. However, the one dog hates children but has been doing a good job of tolerating my son. I do lock the dog in the bedroom sometimes just to get some alone time, and I really thought I was punishing the dog at first, but my dog LOVES it! My son sits on, crawls over, hits, kicks, and chases the dogs. However, he also pets, hugs, and kisses the dogs. When I see him doing the "wrong" thing, I try to redirect him to a more positive thing. It is very difficult, and when redirection doesn't work, I try to lock the dogs up. They really do appreciate it.

Brenda - posted on 02/19/2011




I totally understand the way you feel! My six year old constantly picks on our dog pulling his tail lightly kicking him teasing him. We resuced our dog about a month and a half ago. Lucky the dog is very well mannered. He nipped him once but it was my son fault he kept putting his forearm in his face! I told him he was going to get it. This is tough and frustrating I know! One time I sat my son down and asked him if he liked it when someone else hit him at school. And she said he didn't like it. So I asked him do you think the dog likes it? He said no, then I made hime say sorry and pet the dog nicely.

JuLeah - posted on 08/08/2010




She has to be taught to be nice to the dog, so she can practice with you, petting, rubbing, talking to, playing with .... model this for her, but if you spank her she might learn to associate spanking with the dog and really start to dislike him.

Spanking your child for hurting another sends very mixed messages - it really doesn't teach anything but to hit when angry.

Get books from the library written for small kids on how to be nice to dogs, let her see pictures of other kids petting, feeding, watering, playing with a dog .... praise her BIG for being nice to the dog - let her help you bath the dog, walk the dog .....

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