How do I get my 1 mth old to sleep through the night?

Toni - posted on 02/06/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I had my daughter on the 28th of December and that was the last time I slept by myself. I don't know what to do she will not sleep in her bassinet. She has to sleep latched to fall asleep which means I have to sleep lop sided. I just want her to sleep in her bed. Iv tried it all wrapping her, keeping her super warm, bathing her before bed but that wakes her right up, music; nature sounds, heart beat sounds, waiting till she is deeply sleeping before I put her in her bed. But she wakes up in no time like 5 mins. so I never have a break. I know I need to feed her every 3 hrs so that I understand but I should be able to nurse her then put her in her bed until the next feeding. She wont take a soothy which would be perfect because she wants to suck but she wont take it. What do I do? Is there a trick? How do I get her to take a soothy? I just am at my wits end. My son is perfect always slept through the night from day one, took a soothy, and nursed easy, just such a easy child. But he is now 15 mths old and up at 8am and I need to sleep to be with them both. Help? She sleeps so good during the day. But the lights go out and she is bright eyed and bushy tailed. More than she is all day.


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At a 1 month old majority of babies do not sleep through the night. There are very few that do. That's just the way it is. They need to be fed, changed, and most don't like to be alone and can sense it.

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If she needs to latch to sleep try to put her to sleep with a pacifier rubbed in your breastmilk. Try and find a pacifier that is as close to possible the size and shape of your nipple.

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You don't. They need to eat every 2-4 hours, and she's a newborn. Don't keep her too warm though, we tend to overbundle (as parents) Most kids aren't like your son- Sorry.

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I spent the first 5 months of my son's life sleeping propped upright in the middle of the bed w/ him propped upright on his belly on me..... I existed on 2-5 hours of sleep per night for about 4-6 months.... He was my third child and extremely unlike his older twin sisters who were, thankfully, 6 years old when he was born.

Probably not what you want to hear, but I learned very quickly that you can't expect each child to be the same. My girls were on a 3 hour feeding schedule from birth and were very good sleepers. My son, on the other hand, almost never went longer than 4 hours w/out nursing until he was a year and a half and didn't sleep through the night more than a few random times until he was 2.

All that rambling to say it will be easier to change yourself than your baby at this stage.... do whatever it takes to get you both as much sleep as you need to function for her and your son.

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