How do I get my 10 yr old son to get into the habit of wearing deoderant every day


Esther - posted on 07/14/2012




Make it a habit. Group it with something he already does twice a day, like brushing his teeth. Put the deodorant next to his toothbrush. If he doesn't "see" it there, clear off the counter so only the essentials are there and gently remind him to brush his teeth and use the deodorant twice a day. Trust me, overuse use is much better than underuse. You could also use sticky notes on the mirror ro remind him. But I trust you have already had the "growing up" speech with him. Boys don't like to be told to do something unless it benefits them. Two words.. "embarrassing odor", or being "that stinky boy in class" will be a great motivator for a kid that age.
Good luck.

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