how do I get my 15month old baby girl to start listening?

Lauren - posted on 10/09/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hey im a first time mum with a15 month old girl she can walk now and I have some reins used them today for the first time but she doesnt listen to me? And everytime I guide her away from the road she has a tantrum what can I do to get her to start listening?? Any advice would be appreciated thank you xx


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Queen Of My - posted on 10/09/2013




Be firm, consistent and redirect. Don't just say no. Get down to he level, look her in her face and tell her no firmly and then offer a yes...
"No you can not stand on the couch, that is dangerous."
Lift off the couch
Offer a toy she can play with., etc

It won't be a miracle, but consistency is key.

Also, make sure she gets enough sleep and isn't hungry. No child, no matter how well behaved, acts up when hungry and or tired.

Also, pick your battles - don't say no to every little thing. Children need some independence and freedom when exploring. It's a learning process. You may not like her pulling everything out of your cupboards but if it's just Tupperware - really what's the harm? Be firm on things that are important.

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