how do i get my 18month of her bottle and to sleep through the night


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Mary - posted on 04/19/2011




Its hard . My little man is 18 months nearly 19 months and he always had milk before he slept and nap time in the day . But im going back to work soon and i also have a 3 month old and 2 year old to deal with it . He was relying on it to much and i could not take it any more . So i just put it away 11 days ago and have not given it to him since . He cried so much for a good 5 days . But now its all over .. I just gave him plenty of food all day every 2.5 hours and at about 8.30pm at night i would give him porridge or cereal to bed with water . he was full he just slept . if he wakes in the night we just bring him to our bed till he sleeps of and then back to his own bed . Its getting better every day . When their young they move on quickly like i said it took 5 days or so of crying but we just distracted him and hugged him to sleep . Im so happy now .good luck just be strong and know its for the best .

Kathleen - posted on 04/19/2011




Sleep through the night? Mine is 21 months and won't sleep through the night unless I bring him to bed with us when he wakes up. You could try the Ferber method. But you have to have a backbone for that. My son didn't go off the bottle until 15 1/2 months. I used the sippy cups that you have to suck on to get liquid out of. No spill. And just gave it to him as much as possible. Sometimes he wouldn't drink most of the day because he wanted that bottle. But eventually he got thirsty and tried it. I DID however give him a bottle here and there during the day to get some liquids in him, but like anything, take it slow, it's all a weening process.

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