How do I get my 19yr old daughter to grow up?

Vicki - posted on 08/15/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have a 19yr old daughter who does'nt seem to want to go to school or work, well in the day time! She has skipped so much school that she has repeated grade 12 twice and still did'nt pass due to skipping. She has a job selling newspapaer subscriptions in the evenings until 9pm and does'nt do this everyday, It's when she feels like it! All summer I could not get her out of bed until 3 or 4pm she would then eat shower and go out and come back very late at night or early morning. My husband and I have sat her down many times and let her know how we were felling and what our expectations are. We told her that we would love for her to get a education if not she should get a full time job. She mouthed us off and said "who are you to tell me what to do? I have a job and it's good enough who are you to tell me it's not?' She pays no bills here except for her own cell phone, I find it frustrating that she sleeps her day away and not do anything for herself in a positive way for her future. She seems more into partying talking on the phone and being really focused on drama. We have a 14yr old son who now thinks that he to can do as he pleases. Anybody have any advice as to what to do? How do we get this 19yr old outta bed and work, school or something???

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