How do i get my 1yr old baby to sleep thru the night?as she wakes up every 3 to 4 hrs to nurse.Secondly how do i wean her of breastfeeding?She doesnt take bottles or sippy cup or pacifier?


Amanda - posted on 11/23/2011




Have you tried a sippy cup with a straw on it? Breastfeeding children suck differently from bottle feed children so sometimes it can be difficult for them to drink from normal sippy cups.

As for sleeping more at night.

Tonight feed her before bed, and her next feeding do not offer her the breast. Instead go to her room and rub her back tell her its bed time, and walk out of the room. If she keeps crying you can go back in and rub her back a bit more, but do not speak to her. Do not turn on lights also. Keep doing this each night until she is use to the missing feeding (it shouldnt take more then a few days up to a week). Once she is use to the missing feeding, take away another feeding, keep this up until she is no longer feeding at night at all. Once she is weened at night I now suggest weening during the day. Do it the same way as night time, remove one feeding a day.


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Aubrey - posted on 11/23/2011




With our first child I weaned him at 13 months due to me being 2 months pregnant, He was still getting up a few times a night to eat so what I found was best for him was to leave the night feedings until he was done nursing during the day. I started out taking one of his day time feeding out and after 2 days of not having that one feeding I would take another one out and after 2 days took another one out and so on... it took about 1.5 weeks to get weaned during the day and then after he was done nursing in the day I would feed him right before he went to bed and then feed him just one time at night no matter how many times he woke up and if he woke up more I would just tell him I loved him and he needed to go to sleep and I would pat his back and he would cry for a little while and then fall to sleep, and every time he woke up I would do the same thing and just let him cry for a few minutes and then he would fall back to sleep, and every night he woke up less and less and then after 3 days he was sleeping through the night, I did the same thing with our second child and it took her 5 days to sleep through the night and I am planning on doing it with our third child in a few months. Good luck!

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