How do i get my 2 1/2 year old out of nappies?

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My son is 3 in July and i'm struggling to toilet train him he just wont have any of it i have tried lots of suggestions that family and friends have given me but noting is working. My daughter was out of nappies by 1 1/2 is boys usually harder to train??


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Depends on the kid.

My friend has a boy and a girl and neither of them trained til after 3. I started early training (year and a half) my girls and didn't train my son and they were all trained (though my son WAY better than his sisters) at 2.75 years.

My suggestion is to let him be in charge. In my experience it works much better and faster to let the child be completely in charge of their own bodily functions. I offered my son encouragement and assistance when he needed/wanted it, but the rest was entirely up to him.

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