how do i get my 2 1/2 year old son toilette trained? he refuses right away if i ask him to go potty. :( and i have a set of 4 months old twins also so as a matter of fact i change more than 20 diapers a day.



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Mehwish - posted on 08/02/2012




thanks a lot everyone! i appreciate you useful advice. @ amy: no hes not showing any signs , hes infact resisting after a few forcing episode (my fault). so i think we should just give him time until hes ready. @ christine: hilarious suggestions but i will try them once i feel hes ready. right now whenever i ask him to go pee he says "no". so cant do much. @ julianne: yea my elder sis also telling me that so lets just wait till hes 3 :). @ sapphire: yes m complaining, actually these days m complaining alot. u know when his diaper leeks and i have to change whole bedding n his clothes and then two other babies to feed and change and cycle goes on. and when my elder son keeps on pooping like 3 or more time a days and i have to pick him up to wash, it feels like im soo done with it. lol i will definitly have a fight with whome says that less gap in kids is a good thing. its worse thing ever. parents dont enjoy any kid and all of a sudden they all grow up. and kids feels deprive of attention, may b thats the reason my elder son, aariz is cranky, hyper active and mischievous these days. thank god he doesnt hate his lil brothers. :) once again thanks all.

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I am sure you are tired, frustrated and venting, but your post just rubbed me the wrong way. You cannot FORCE a kid to potty train before they are ready. It becomes a negative stigma and for some kids, a frightening experience. But you sound complainy because you have 3 kids in diapers. What did you expect by having children close in age? Potty training can be a breeze for some kids, and a down right struggle for other kids. Use potty training books, have him pee on Fruit Loops, model going to the bathroom (leave the door open as you go), use potty training dolls, have him pick out a special potty training char or potty ring. But forcing a child when they are not ready can just lead to set-backs. Good luck to you.

Christine - posted on 07/20/2012




My younest son was a nighmare to train,nearly 4,as d other said they won.t do it till they are ready,and honestly I think 2 1/2i is a bit young yet,and havin twin boys myself I can completely understand two at a time is more than enough.ttry make it fun for him,i put an old steerindwheel onto his potty an made it look like a car,also cut coloured stars put dem in d potty and tell him to ytry pee on them, r I know it sounds nasty but pick a little spot in ur garden with one r two flowers,and tell him to pee on dem (water the flowers) he not used to doing his pee as a concious decision,so u need to help him want to do it instead of it been somthing dat just happenes and making it fun can really help with that..good luck,hope dis helps

Amy - posted on 07/20/2012




Is he showing signs of being ready to potty train? If not than you're going to have to wait. My doctor always told me there are two things that you can't make a child do, you can't make them eat and you can't make them potty train. I understand why you want him potty trained but unfortunately if you force it you could cause the process to take a lot longer because of resistance.

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