How do i get my 2 year old to stop throwing things at me and everyone/thing else?

Tanya - posted on 07/05/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 2 year old son has mastered his throwing technique. We play ball outside and frisbee as well. However, when we get in the house he is still playing the game. He throws his blocks, his cars, anything he can pick up he will throw. He especially likes to throw things at his sisters face. Ive tried taking the toys away, very stern "No, that's not nice !", and a few other things. How do I get this and the bruises to stop ?


Elfrieda - posted on 07/07/2012




My 2 y.o. son's major problems are throwing and hitting, too. :( I've had some success lately in not just saying NO all the time; instead I remind him, "That's not a ball. Only balls are for throwing. Trucks are not for throwing. If you want to throw, go find a ball." when I see him eyeing up his new target. If he obeys, I tell him "That's right! Trucks are for driving, not throwing." or "Yes! Balls are for throwing."

If he does throw something, there are no warnings. I take it away and say, "Trucks are not for throwing. You threw the truck. Now Mommy took it away, because you threw it. Now you say, No throw truck" and I keep him with me (I'm crouched down and holding him very close or I sit on the floor and pull him onto my lap) until he says "no throw truck" and if he hurt someone he has to say sorry or pat them in an apologetic way. He's not allowed to go until he resolves it. I don't bug him, I just wait for him to be ready (physically restraining him from running off) and then he does it after a while, usually about 30 seconds if I keep my mouth shut so we don't get into a power struggle.

I was doing time-outs for a bit, but that didn't feel right, I don't think it worked well for his personality. He is better behaved the more connected we are, and forcing him to be apart from me wasn't helping that. This holding-close-and-explaining thing works way better for us. Sometimes I feel like I might be spoiling him because I'm not actually punishing him, but I *think* it's okay because he's still learning, and if he's hurt someone else I point it out sternly and he gets upset that they're sad.

I don't know if it's that I stopped giving him chances (instead of "if you do it again I'll take it away" I take it away the first time) or if it's the explaining or if he just grew out of it, but he doesn't do it as much anymore. He'll be 3 in December and we've been working on this for months, so maybe something is finally clicking!

Good luck to you


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Jessica - posted on 07/07/2012




I am definitely going to watch your post. I am going through the same exact thing! My son is 20 months and throws EVERYTHING. I tried taking whatever was his projectile of choice and put it where he could see it but he couldn't have it. It did work for a little while. He has a tendency to throw his sippy cup when it's empty. He will throw groceries out of the cart while shopping. I am constantly telling him No as far as that goes. When he gets really bad, I put him in his crib, away from all toys and sippys. Only for a few minutes, but that is the only time out he cannot get out of, because that really doesn't work with him yet either. He doesn't scream or cry, he just talks away while he's in there, I go back in and get him, bring him out of his room, and as I set him down remind him not to throw toys. It's a slow process.

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