How do I get my 4yr old son to stop peeing in his bed?

Manka - posted on 08/18/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son will be four on Aug 28 & all's fine with the potty! He gets up in the morning & goes to the potty and all thru the day he goes when he feels like. Same for peeing. But the trouble I have is getting him not to pee on the bed! He goes to pee before he goes to bed but still wets the bed thru the night. He had stopped wearing diapers but now I have to revert to wearing them for him to sleep.. So, I need help here...Any Ideas???


Jodi - posted on 08/18/2011




You don't. All children are different, and it isn't unusual for a child of this age to be dry during the day but still be wet at night. Think about it, the night is a long time to hang on. The brain isn't always sufficiently developed to be able to wake a young child up to pee when they need to, which is why they still pee in their bed. This is simply a maturity issue and requires patience. Around 20% of 5 year olds will still wet their bed regularly. It is totally normal.

In fact, many children will also continue beyond that to wet their beds. I have a 12 year old who still has issues, and they are due to the lack of a particular hormone in his system that has allowed the trigger to develop to recognise his need to pee. Purely a physical/biological issue.

I would suggest you just either place a mattress protector/rubber and keep plenty of sheets on hand, or, for the time being, just put him in pull ups at night. Once you see that his is dry around 50% of the time, try again. But if he is wet every night, he is probably just not quite ready.

And PLEASE do not limit his liquids too much. Research has shown that limiting liquids is not helping and can potentially cause greater issues. Dehydrating a child won't help your cause. When it comes down to it, they won't still be peeing their beds when they are adults, will they? We have personally found that keeping up regular water during the day and limiting fizzy drinks and juice helps. We do tone down the liquids in the evenings, but we don't ban them altogether.

But basically, if they are still wetting at night by about 6 or 7, get it checked with the doctor for any medical issue, but otherwise, patience will be your friend.


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Manka - posted on 08/18/2011




Thanks Jodi! Definitely helpful! Well, I guess I'll just settle for the pull ups & wait to see how often they are dry in the morning. will also need patience as a friend...
Well, come to think of it, I was a late bed wetter myself!! Just hoped my son will do better than me! (Some wishful thinking!! lol)

Tara - posted on 08/18/2011




Is he a deep sleeper? Sometimes that is why they will wet at night after being trained. I haven't finished training my girls, but I've talked to a lot of my friends that have, and any that had problems with bed-wetting said their child was either a deep sleeper, or, if it continued into the 4,5, 6 (or higher) range there was a problem with their bladder being underdeveloped for their age.

My doctor said that if you are stopping liquids and hour or two before bedtime, letting them pee before bed and/or getting them up to pee before you go to bed and it is still continuing then they may need to be checked for a physical problem (like underdeveloped bladder, or overactive, etc). Also said that if either parent was a late bedwetter the odds went up for a physical thing (deep sleeper, bladder concern, etc as it tends to run in families).

I have a friend who wet the bed until he was 12/13 and it was an issue with his bladder that worked itself out, plus he was a deep sleeper so that didn't help any.

Some of my friends that had the issue said that there are mattress pads that alarm when they are wet and that helped them, but they are expensive so that may not be an option for some families.

Celeste - posted on 08/18/2011




I have exactly the same problem. My son turns four on the 29th of August 2011. He does not want to wear a nappy anymore and simply rips it off at night. Good luck.

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