how do i get my 7yr old to quit being so bossy to his younger siblings without being mean?

Tabitha Cyrstal - posted on 08/10/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




i havent been the best mom and am still learning things. But i have been a yeller to my kids who are Skyler(boy70, elijah(boy5), and adrianna(girl3). So lately my 7 year old has picked that habit up and I dont know how to explain nicely when sister mainly is constantly in the middle of what hes trying to do or hitting him or even doing anything he knows shes not supposed to do. I am the boss and dont think he should say anything but its kinda a reaction for him and after reading some stories on this site I am going to try to be more positive towards my kids and quit yelling. But i get frustrated. My boys are both adhd and tho they hv medicine they are still wired all the time. Help!! Also if anyone knows any home activities I can do with my daughter while boys are in school? Shes a handful and wont listen and puts everything in her mouth inspite of me. I have lots of problems and with noone to talk to im kinda on my own here.


Michelle - posted on 08/10/2012




first off with your 7 yo tell him I tell my 11 year old he has the same problem with his 3 year old little sister, first we remind him that he is not the parent that discipline is my department I then discipline my daughter the other thing I have been reinforcing with my son is that she just wants his attention and if he gave her 10 minutes of his time and he really played with her she will go away. We have been working on this and they are not fighting as much. My son is also adhd and odd so life can be stressful but the more routine you have going on in your home the better it will be for all. As for activities with your daughter try finger painting, puzzles if you can't afford one make your own out of a coloring page or a magazine picture, crafts are always fun at this age my daughter likes glueing things on paper.

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